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Dr. Coby Cragg, He constantly strives to be the best.

Meet Dr. Coby Cragg.

He constantly strives to be the best.

Dr. Cragg is a little more excited about teeth than any reasonable man should be. Some might even say that dentistry is in his blood. Dr. Cragg is a third generation dentist. His grandfather and father shared their passion for smiles with Dr. Cragg as a kid. He graduated in 2003 from Case Western Reserve University and joined his father, Dr. Tom Cragg, at Ocean Park Dental.

Since then, Dr. Cragg has earned a reputation for educating patients. He loves talking teeth and invites patients to pick his brain. He is a self-professed life-long student of dentistry and belongs to a few too many study clubs, which his wife Nealy deems slightly excessive.

Dr. Jonathan Brown, Welcome to Ocean Park Dental.

Meet Dr. Jonathan Brown.

Welcome to Ocean Park Dental.

Dr. Jonathan Brown graduated from UBC Dental in 1992. His passion for knowledge has made him a consummate student over the years, always striving to learn the latest in the constantly evolving field of dentistry. His love of innovation keeps him on the leading edge of the technological advances that are sweeping the dental landscape.

A thoughtful clinician who easily communicates procedures to his clients in a very personable way. Dr. Jonathan Brown was hand selected by Dr. Gary Baker to carry on the care of his clients.

Dr. Tom Cragg, He started this thing.

Meet Dr. Tom Cragg.

He started this thing.

Dr. Cragg opened Ocean Park Dental with Dr. Gary Baker in 1974. He has been fixing teeth and saving smiles for more than 40 years and was a patient favourite at Ocean Park Dental. Although he’s mostly retired, Dr. Cragg just can’t stop popping in. He loves dentistry and the joy his work has brought to patients over the years.

Dr. Gary Baker, He was one of the originals.

Meet Dr. Gary Baker.

He was one of the originals.

Dr. Baker opened the doors to Ocean Park Dental in 1974 with Dr. Tom Cragg.

He is an orthodontic expert and a wealth of dental knowledge. If there was a Dental Jeopardy, Dr. Baker would win. Although he hung up his dental drill in 2013, Dr. Baker remains a valuable resource for our team.